7 Tips to Boost the Conversion Rates of Your Affiliate Promotions

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Let me ask you, do you want to improve your conversion rates when doing affiliate promotions? Glad to see you answer yes 🙂 This is the goal you should care. Instead of just sending emails to your list, running ad campaigns, SEO, etc without doing any optimization to increase your conversion rates.

Which better…? Sending 100 clicks then generate 1-5 sales OR sending same amount of clicks then generate 10-40 sales? Yes you’re right, the second is better. Conversion rates optimization reduces your efforts but gives you better results. Big results with just a small list and big result with just few traffic, that’s it. It’s just awesome.

I’ve been watching tens (if not hundreds) of product launches and saw many case studies. The top 10 JV leaderboard on all launches has similar proven ways to boost their conversion rates. Many of them generated 5-figure affiliate promo in a matter of days and 4-figure affiliate promo is becoming an ordinary result.

It’s so excited, I’ve implemented the tips on several of my promos and the result is amazing. I also did affiliate promos without implementing the tips, but the result is not satisfactory. Just implement the tips and you’ll see your conversion rates doubled, tripled or even quadrupled.

Before we discuss the tips or secret (if you name it secret), there’re several core elements of successful affiliate promo. This is basic consideration before you decide to promote a particular product.

  1. The product is great – top quality, unique.
  2. Sales copy is great – it just converts.
  3. Customer support is top notch.

It makes sure you send traffic to the product that CONVERTS as well as gives lot of VALUES to your subscribers. Then make sure your ad copies or email copies are convert, a good vendor will provide you all the promo tools you need. You can use them and modify them for better result.

Tips to Boost the Conversion Rates

I did it and I did several tests, 5-figure affiliate did it too. So these tips are proven to boost your conversion rates, for sure.

Tips #1: Create landing ‘BONUS’ page – Always provide bonuses to the buyers, it’s important. Many buyers decide to buy because of the bonus they will receive. You bonus page contains: product overview, other people says about the product (testimonial) and the list of your bonus along with the Call To Action button. Please note, please provide your bonus list with the image cover and product description. It’s better to convert than just list your bonus without product cover.

Tips #2: Pre-sell the offer – PRE-SELL the offer by sending out a warm up email to your list. Let them know the product details. You can also let them watch product review video if you have done with the video review. Lead them to the bonus page.

Tips #3: Send email again to not opens – People didn’t open your last email because the subject was not interested to them. So you have to change the subject and content, try to use different angle. When to send it? It depends on your strategy. Usually I do 12-24 hours after the first email. Doing this can double your sales.

Tips #4: Add scarcity – Put scarcity on your ad copies or email copies. Put scarcity for your bonus and the product your’re promoting. Remind them that they won’t see your bonuses elsewhere. Example scarcity on your bonus: This exclusive bonus only available for 100 fast action takers, 50 bonuses left…, 50 bonuses has been claimed… etc. Scarcity on the product can be found on the launch detail, you can see the email swipes about the launch. Most of launch did limited time pricing, so it’s one of the scarcities.

Tips #5: Create video review on the bonus page – It’s proven to generate you better result, trust me. People want to see the product in action and want to hear your opinion about the product.

Tips #6: Different angle of view on your ad copies or email copies – One product may has many different angels; SEO, social media, offline, traffic, web design and so much more. A good vendor will give you insights with the email swipes. So you can send emails with various type of angles. With different angle on your swipes, you’re going to boost the conversion and people won’t get bored with the same content every day.

Tips #7: Email again on closing days – on a product launch, the introductory price will not last for long. Take this advantage by giving your list warning that the price will go up, the special offer will close, etc.


Following the tips above definitely will boost your conversion rates. Many big affiliates are doing it and so I am. You should follow this guide too and you’ll see your sales boosted.

As an affiliate you want to make money and more money, right? But it’s not just about making lot of money. This guide is also about how to provide lot of values to your list: with the awesome bonuses you provide and the great product you promote. Even some affiliates send emails every day during the launch (and you should email more than once to achieve maximum results), because they believe the product is great and the bonus is awesome therefore very unfortunate to be missed.


PLR products: IDPLR (I love IDPLR because they always update the product list).

Case study: $25K promo case study by Devin Zander.

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  2. Hi Tantan,

    I have been waiting for a multipurpose theme (not a plugin) to promote for a long time. There are so many WordPress users looking for a quality theme they can customize. WordPress is great but the themes available (commercial or otherwise) are bland, boring and unimaginative.

    I am looking forward to getting the approval so I can get started.

    Good job

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