How to Attract More Affiliates and JVs to Your Product

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attract more affiliates
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As a product vendor, one of the most important things you need to do is gaining more affiliates and JV partners. More affiliates means more sales and more money for you.

But you need to ask yourself, why affiliates want to promote your product…? It’s just same question when you want to promote other people products, why you are interested to promote them…?

As a vendor you have to make sure your product is great. When you have a great product then affiliates will come to you, volunteered that they were interested to promote your product. Without having a great product you’ll waste your time and effort because many affiliates will not interested on your offer. So, what does ‘great’ mean…? Let’s discuss.

A great product doesn’t mean it has to be a big software with lot of features or training course with complete modules, etc. It’s not something big, it’s just something that has value to solve people’s problems. But it’s not only about the product, it’s also about anything related to the product. Here the checklist of what I mean with great product.

  1. Unique product with value to solve people’s problems – Your product solves people’s problem and makes their live easier. Your product can be similar with other’s people products, but yours little bit better or a lot better.
  2. Converting sales page – There’re 2 key factors of high converting sales page; copywriting and sales graphic. You have to optimize the 2 key factors, copywriting is the most important.
  3. Promo tools – This contains all promo materials that affiliates need, i.e. email copy, banners, keywords, articles, ad copy.
  4. Attractive affiliate page – This is the page where you let affiliates know everything about the product as mentioned above. Easy navigation, provide useful information and all the details of your product.

Then if you have track record, you can disclose the EPC, conversion rates and user testimonials. Affiliates also want to know potential earning per-sale, so let them know about it.

Their success is your success! So make sure you provide anything they need to get started.

By following the guide above, it’s easier to attract more affiliates. Even they just come to you offering they want to promote your product and your next products.

Let’s go to the next tips.

Recruit Your Own Affiliates

These tips focus on how you are more active in recruiting affiliates. Rather than waiting for affiliates to stumble across your product, why not actively recruit affiliates to promote it? Many top product vendors (6-figure launch) do this, and the time and effort you put into it can generate big returns.

Marketplace – Put your product on marketplace site such as: JVzoo (ref),,, or Zaxaa (ref), or other popular marketplace sites. These sites have lot of affiliates who are looking for product to being promoted. By listing your product on these sites, your product has potential to gain lot of buzz from the marketplace network.

Product listing site – It can be affiliate product directory or product launch calendar. Here’s top product launch sites:, Submit your product detail to these sites.

Forum & community – Actively discuss on JV forums and communities (groups) by sharing, asking or replying on other people’s post. Always check the forum’s policies before posting about your product and trying to recruit affiliates, many forums allow this and it is a common practice. Beside forum, you can also do the same on Facebook group, Skype group or Linkedin group.

Social media – Social media has great credibility. It’s often, affiliates want to know you more detail via social media, they trust you and love to promote your product because you’ve connected with them via social media like Facebook or Twitter. If you can build a presence for yourself on popular networks like Facebook, Twitter, and others, this can be a good way to recruit affiliates.

Personal contact – Personally contact the affiliates. You can contact them via email, instant messaging (Skype, Facebook chat, etc). Don’t do much ado! Just briefly explain who you are and your product details along with the JV page url.

Buy their product or service – It makes you easier to get in touch with your affiliates. It’s better to have connection or discussion with them before you ask them to promote your product. Another way is buy something that they recommend. You can open the talk by asking question about the bonus and/or product they recommend.

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